On this website we gather and use information shown in the Privacy Policy.
One way we gather information is by means of “cookies”. Translate Naturally uses cookies for several purposes.
What is a cookie?
A “cookie” is a small text file which is stored in your browser (Such as Google Chrome or Safari) when you browse most websites.
What a cookie IS NOT?
It is not a virus, or a Trojan, worm, spam, nor spyware, nor does it open pop-up windows.
What information does the cookies store?
Cookies do not store sensitive information about you, such as credit cards or bank details, photographs, your national identity number or personal information, etc. The data it keeps concerns technical information, personal preferences, personalised contents, etc.
The web server does not link you to a person, but to your web browser. In fact, if you normally surf with one browser and try to surf the same website with another one you will see that the website is not aware that you are the same person, as it associates it with the browser, not with the person.
What kind of cookies are there?
 Technical cookies: These are the most elementary ones and amongst other things, they enable one to know when a human or bot is surfing, when a user is registered or is surfing in incognito mode. These are fundamental tasks for operating any dynamic website.
 Analysis cookies: They collect information on the type of surfing performed, the most used sections, products consulted, time zone user is in, language, etc.
 Advertising cookies: They show advertising according to your surfing habits, your country of origin, language, etc.
What are own cookies and those from third parties?
Own cookies are those created by the page you are visiting and third parties are those created by external services or suppliers such as MailRelay, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Survey Monkey etc.
What cookies does Translate Naturally use?
This website uses its own cookies and those of third parties. This website uses the following cookies which are described below:
Its own cookies are:
 Customization Cookies help us remember people or websites you have interacted with so that we can show you related contents.
 Preferences Cookies enable us to remember your settings and preferences, such as language and your privacy settings.
Third party cookies:
This website uses a cookie to analyse your surfing habits. Specifically, we use Google Analytics, to help Translate Naturally know how you are using the website and to make it more user-friendly, but in no event does it associate the data it has with you. Google Analytics is a service for analysing websites provided by Google, Inc.,
With cookies from Google Analytics, this company stores cookies on servers in the United States and promises not to share them with third parties, unless they are required for the system to operate and when this is required by law. According to Google your IP address will not be stored. Google Inc is a company that subscribes to the Safe Port Agreement which guarantees that all data transferred will be processed with a protection level equivalent to that in European legislation. You may ask for more details on this matter in this link If you would like to have information on how Google uses cookies, we have provided this additional link.
On the following link, you may consult the cookies used by Google .
Translate Naturally uses cookies from social networks which may be stored in your browser while you are surfing our website. For example, when you click on the button “share” for contents of Translate Naturally on any social network.
Below, you will find the pertinent information concerning the cookies from the social networks Translate Naturally uses in its own cookies policy.
 Facebook, for further information, see its cookies policy
 Twitter, for further information, see its cookies policy
 LinkedIn, for further information, see its cookies policy
Can I deactivate or remove cookies?
You may exercise your right to deactivate or remove cookies from this website at any time. The way you do so will depend on the browser you are using. Below, we leave you some links for the most common browsers.
 Cookies settings for Google Chrome
 Cookies settings for Apple Safari
 Cookies settings for Internet Explorer
 Cookies settings for Mozilla Firefox
More information about cookies
You may consult the regulations on cookies published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency in its “Guíde on the use of cookies” and obtain more information on cookies used on the Internet, http://www.aboutcookies.org/
If you wish to have more cookies on the installation of cookies, you may install programmes or supplementary software on your browser. These are known as “Do Not Track” tools and they enable you to choose the cookies you wish to enable.
Website browsers are the tools for storing cookies from where you must exercise your right to remove or deactivate them. Neither this website, nor its legal representatives may guarantee cookies are correctly or incorrectly handled by these browsers.
For any question or query regarding this cookies policy, do not hesitate to contact us.
This Cookies policy was last updated on the 23rd of January 2021.