Are you a University Researcher seeking International Prestige?

Do you want to express yourself  in English with the same fluency as in your mother tongue? Do you get frustrated by trying to overcome the language barrier?

Do you work at a university in a non English-speaking country?  Then, probably much of what you do involves  research, development and innovation  as you wish to make a contribution towards improving the state of knowledge in your specialization.  Afterwards, you will need to share your results with a international audience, which is the best way to receive credit for your research.

This may be by way of submitting an article to a  specialized journal which publishes only in English or, perhaps, your research will be needed at an  internacional conference, or you need to prepare material to submit your project in European Union calls.

¿Wouldn´t it be great for your piece of mind to receive a bit of help with this? ¿Would you like a native speaker to proofread the research paper you have drafted in English in order to prepare it for publication ? Click here to get in touch with me to discuss your linguistic needs

Much of my proofreading work is targeted at readers of high standing international, scientific publications. I have corrected  a great deal of articles for the University of  Castilla-La Mancha, Spain in fields such as: pedagogy, computer science, chemical, finance engineering and mathematics, but you do not need to be from the Spanish-speaking world for me to correct your work as I have also received work from other countries such as the Netherlands.

When I receive projects, I tackle them in the following manner:I read the document several times and resend it to its autor with my commentaries and any queries I have that have arisen, I mark all the changes I have made in red so they can be seen easily. Afterwards the autor responds, either confirming the changes made in his or her work, clarifying text and/or making alterations if any misunderstanding occurs. This process continues until the autor is satisfied with the result.

As proofreading entails fewer stages of work tan pure translations, the fees charged are lower than those for complete translations. Prices are usually around 0,04 euros a Word, but just as with prices for translations, this Price varies according to the deadlines set and the nature of the text.


“I met Toby  Wakely in 2013 and since then he has been a great ally when we needed
support in order to translate text, documentation and articles from Spanish to English. To be specific, he
has translated several research articles for us, which included a wide range of technical concepts in
 Computer Science. For example, his translation of our paper entitled SIDANE: Towards the
Automatic Analysis of Football Tactics and Actions, was accepted as a full paper in the icSPORTS
Conference 2015. 

 Mr Wakely is outstanding in his professionalism, digilence, and communication skills and I have no doubt I
will continue to request his translation service”. David Fernandez Vallejo, Chairman, Furious Koalas S.L.


“I needed to hire Toby Wakely to review various highly specialized scientific-technical  documents in civil engineering, hydraulics and power systems as well as a proposal for a European project from the Consolidator Grant call.

I have always been really satisfied with his work, since , without making any great changes to the text, with his help it makes far more sense,and becomes more elegant and gramatically correct. So, in the end it all flows more naturally. 

Thanks to his help we have managed to reach  a high enough standard for our work to be published in a range of prestigious international publications in our field such as Journal of Operational Research or Journal of Water Research and Management.

I would like to mention how he strived, especially at the start of our working relationship, to become aquainted with the specific concepts  in our field. Due to his effort,dedication and profesionalism, he has become our first-choice proofreader for all our  research projects”.  Roberto Mínguez Solana,  Research Associate, Hidralab


“Throughout my career as a university lecturer and researcher in the field of chemical and environmental engineering, I have realized there is a need to write scientific articles in correct English if I wish them to be published inthe highest standing  international journals.

For this reason, I have been using Toby Wakely´s proofreading service for the past 8 years which have always yielded pleasing results. Thanks to this, I have had my articles published in magazines such as Chemosphere, Environmental Pollution or Environmental Science and Pollution Research with no problem.

I would like to point out how fluid our  correspondence is throughout the proofreading process ,  which is by email  and/or telephone conversations, in order to clarify phrases or specific terms,  until  a text is obtained that is both grammatically correct and accurately shows the results of my research. In this respect, I appreciate Toby´s approachable nature and as he has lived in Spain for over 15 years, communication with him in spanish is no obstacle.

On a final note, I´d like to say that the average time spent proofreading my research work is more than acceptable and the rates charged are highly competitive.” Luís Rodríguez Romero, Profesor Titular de la Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, E.T.S.I  Caminos, Canales y Puertos



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