Translations into English for the internationalization of technology-based companies

I have always been surprised at the strength of technology-based companies here in Spain. According to  Marca España, in terms of technology ,this country is in fifth place in Europe. Here there are leaders in a wide-range of fields such as renewable energies, flight control systems, automation, railways and  telecomunication, amongst others.

In figures, there are around 30.000  such  companies here in Spain, which provide work for nearly 460, 000 people and that represent 5.85% of the country´s GDP.

If you work in a technology-based company based at a university (spin off) or a research centre in a non-English speaking country, you know how important it is to spread your message to a broad international target audience. What you do will have important practical ramifications for a range of industries. Let´s face it. To be competitive in the globalized world of the 21st century, we all need to innovate and accept change if we want to survive.

You may communicate by  way of a article written for a highly-regarded specialized scientific journal,  a book, or perhaps your research is necessary at an international conference.

Therefore, you will probably have to draft your articles in English or have them translated since this this is the common language  in the international science and technology community. However, the editors and reviewers on these prestigious publications maintain very high standards and they only accept articles if these sound very natural, as if they were written by a native English speaker.

Removing all grammatical errors there may be in your articles and changing unnatural sounding phrases  so that they sound good for English readers,all without changing the essense of your article, is hard and tiring work.

In short, your  proofread or translated work needs to contain the same clarity, precision and expressiveness as if you had written it in your mother tongue.

This is no easy task, especially if you are working against the clock to submit your paper within a tight deadline and for international researchers like you, time is money. ¿Isn´t that right?

So, perhaps you would like to have a linguistic expert to help you out to bring down the language barrier. One of my clients, a researcher at the University of Castilla-La Mancha told me that, for his research team,  it is far more productive to just write a draft of your work, without worrying too much about style and then send it to an expert proofreader to prepare it for publication.

Would you like to receive help when you need to present your research to an English-speaking audience? If you would,

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Some of the translations from Spanish to English I have done in the field of information and communication technologies:

2014- (March to a July 2014) Translation of a book for computer engineers entitled  Multiplatform Videogames with Open FL  for the Higher School of Computer Engineering, University of Castilla La-Mancha, Ciudad Real.Click here for more information about this book

2016- translation of an article entitled Zidane Automatic Analysis of Football Tactics  which deals with the use of computers to analyse and improve the performance of sportsmen and women (University of  Castilla-la Mancha, Ciudad Real ).Click here for more information about this article

2016– DEYDE manual for  web services, user manual for assisted data capture, proposal for transfer of use and maintenance of software.

2016: Translation of website of the computer engineering research group, AIR (Higher School of Computer Science, Ciudad Real, España). Click here to see it

2017: DEYDE  , terms of use of  software,  press releases proposals,  product pages, SLA