Do you need to market your tourist service to the English-speaking community?

You need to win over these potential clients with a website and advertising material that is clear and catchy.

I´ve always been passionate about learning about other cultures. After travelling through the USA, Turkey and Russia, I landed a job with a leading tour operator in England. I sold package tours for customers who wanted unique experiences, such as hiking in the Picos de Europa or the Canary Islands in Spain, diving in the Red Sea, safaris in Africa, etc.


The importance of tourism here in Spain

Apart from my personal interest in this industry, it must be stressed that tourism creates over 11% of Gross Domestic Product in Spain, where I live  and around 2 million jobs.

From an international perspective, Europeans  are those which visit Spain the most. According to data from the INE (Spanish National Statistics Agency), in 2016,  those countries ranking at the top for  international tourism in Spain came from The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, The USA, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Russia.

In order to best cater for these visitors, companies in the tourism industry must provide a linguistic service  adapted to different nationalities , according to the part of Spain they are located in.

For example, for companies located close to the Pyrenees, information should be offered in  French, in the west of Spain, it is advisable to have advertising material in Portuguese, and on the Mediterranean coast, there should be publicity in  English, German and  Russian.

Language combinations provided for companies in the tourism industry

Due to the reasons stated above, as I am eager to provide a service which covers the needs of companies in the tourism industry in  the Spanish and English-speaking worldTranslate Naturally now offers translations in the following language pairs:

1. Spanish & English to German.

2.Spanish  To English (and vice versa).

3.Spanish & English to Chinese

4.Spanish & English to French

5.Spanish & English to Italian

6.Spanish & English to Portuguese

7.Spanish & English to Russian.

I work with wide-ranging types of tourism for companies in the Spanish and English-speaking world

To tackle the seasonality of the tourism industry, Translate Naturally  I do not just work with traditional sun, sea and sand tourism but with all other types such as:

Cultural tourism:

Advertising for destinations that have a unique heritage, culture, traditions, architecture or gastronomy.


Advertising for guided tours of wineries and wine museums.


Advertising for hiking paths, bird watching and exploration of natural areas of beauty.

Language tourism:

Advertising for institutions which offer Spanish or English as a foreign language.

Adventure tourism:

Advertising for companies in the adventure  tourism industry which provide activities such as hiking, canoeing, caving, abseiling and archery.

Type of texts which can be translated:

I can translate all types of marketing material such as presentations, website of companies in the tourism industry, descriptions of hiking routes, hotels, monuments, landscapes, brochures, flyers and magazine articles.