My name is  Toby Wakely. I  was born and grew up in England in a town close to London. I lived there until 1997 when I moved to Moscow, Russia and later in 2002 moved again to ciudad Real, Spain where I still live.

I love languages as they allow you to learn many things about other cultures and they make me reflect about my own culture and language. Also, according to researchers, learning a language is good for my brain, since many cognitive processes  such as problema-solving speed up.

I also love travelling and, perhaps, for this reason, the work I have been involved in throughout my life has always had a connection with learning about other cultures. That is why I worked at a summer camp in North Carolina in the USA in 1993. After that I sold adventure holidays for a leading tour operator in England  (Explore Worldwide). Apart from that I have taught English both in Russia and Spain. In 2008 I my work in translation began when I received my certificate in translation (International House, Barcelona, 2.008) Finally , in 2009 I supplemented my BA in Economic History ( University of Leeds, 1995) with a qualification in International Trade ( UNED/Spanish Distance Education University, 2009).