Translations and proofreading in English for the internationalization of your winery

I live in, Castilla-la  Mancha, in Spain where wine is king. This region  produces 60% of wine in the country. Here in  Ciudad Real, every two years, FENAVIN, the international wine fair is held. While the fair is on, this obscure city

Food Translations from Spanish into English

  ¿What is meant by the “food and drink industry”? I mean agriculture, fishing and livestock and related industries such as biotechnology companies or canneries. Here in Spain, this sector has been described as one of the most important industries in the

Preparing your university research in English for the International Community

Are you a University Researcher seeking International Prestige? Do you want to express yourself  in English with the same fluency as in your mother tongue? Do you get frustrated by trying to overcome the language barrier? Do you work at

About me

My name is  Toby Wakely. I  was born and grew up in England in a town close to London. I lived there until 1997 when I moved to Moscow, Russia and later in 2002 moved again to ciudad Real, Spain

My translation and English proofreading specializations

I  don´t believe in being a “Jack of all trades, master of none” as nobody can be expert in all trades. For this reason, I do not try to offer translations in all languages, just those I can master, which for me are

Proofreading and translations into English for your tourist service

Do you need to market your tourist service to the English-speaking community? You need to win over these potential clients with a website and advertising material that is clear and catchy. I´ve always been passionate about learning about other cultures.

Why “Translate Naturally”?

Because, only native translators are used. I only translate texts from Spanish to English and in this way I can offer more attractive results- from a cultural point of view- to a consumer on the international market. Because you can deal directly

Do you need help in finding international prospects?

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About me

About me

My name is  Toby Wakely. I  was born and grew up in England in a town close to London. I lived there until 1997 when I moved to Moscow, Russia and later in 2002 moved again to ciudad Real, Spain...

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What some of my clients have said about me

"Toby frequently collaborates with our research team, both in the translation of scientific articles and in publicity material. He knows perfectly what style to use for each project and is highly professional when resolving problems that arise in each assignment".

Carlos González Morcillo Professor UCLM

“When writing the summary of my doctoral thesis in English, a key moment in the career of every university professor, I had Toby´s professional help and was very satisfied with the work he did on it.”

Dr. Rafael Ubaldo Gosálvez Rey Professor UCLM

I hired Toby to proofread several highly specialized scientific-technical documents in the fields of civil engineering, hydraulics and electrical power grids. Personally speaking, I was very satisfied with his contributions.

Dr. Roberto Mínguez Solana Associated researcher, Hidralab

“Toby Wakely proofread the English in my book “"Notes on Continuum Mechanics" (700 pages) and my experience of working with him was excellent both from a technical and professional point of view".

Eduardo Walter Vieira Chaves Professor UCLM

Spanish to English translation projects

Below, I have described a few of the Spanish to English translation projects I have been involved in whilst working as a professional translator:

2016- Translation of an academic article entitled Zidane Automatic Analysis of Football Tactics which deals with the use of computers to simulate, analyse and improve the performance of sports professionals (University of Castilla-la Manca, Ciudad Real 5,000 words).

2015 -Proofreading of an academic artice written in English entitled Robust Transmission Network Expansion Planning in Energy systems-improving computational performance about optimization of wáter resources by means of the most cutting-edge mathematical techniques, Ciudad Real (5.000 palabras)

2014- Translation of a computer science manual for programmers entitled Multiplatform Videogames with Open FLfor the University of Castilla La-Mancha, Ciudad Real - (230 pages, 50,000 words).

2012- Proofreading of a mathematics publication entitled Notes on Continuum Mechanics for the University of Castilla La-Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain (700 pages aprox).

2011- Translation of an academic text entitled Biogeographical Analysis of the Volcanic Lakes of the Iberian Peninsular (University of Castilla La Mancha, Ciudad Real).