If you wish to express yourself well in English, I can help you achieve this. I am specialized in the translation into English of documents written in Spanish. Nowadays, despite all the technology we have at out disposal for automatic translation, when it comes to your business, nothing beats a profesional human translator. You may need help with a marketing text, a catalogue or a contract whose language is  too technical. Whatever your Project is about, you can send it to me with no commitment and I can take a look at it.

The process we will follow is as follows. Once I have received your order and it has been confirmed, I´ll start translating. Throughout this time, we will be in touch so we can both air any queries we may have. That is, translation is always a two-way process between you and I and I will not consider it finished until you are satisfied with the results. When all queries have been solved, I will make all pertinent changes  to the document until I have a final versión of it.

As for prices, these vary between 0.07 y 0.12 euros per word, but I can only give you an accurate quote after having analysed the text which is to be translated as the price depends on many factors such as the dedline, format and how technical it is.